Transition Accelerator

12 Months Coaching Program For Business Owners That Need To Transition And Pivot Their Business

Here’s What You Get As Member
Of Our Transition Accelerator

You’ll get advanced, accelerated Business Transformation and Transition strategies, I discovered, evolved, pioneered and tested over 24 years of my career

Like a crusader on its mission, my hands-on coaching helps address your biggest mindset and business challenges. You get strategies you can implement immediately, make extraordinary progress against all odds and start achieving amazing breakthroughs.

We will support you develop a winning mindset, teach you how to transition and scale And support you put what you've learned in practice...Fast and Hassle Free!

Here’s a sampling of the problems I’ve supported the members of the Transition Accelerator Solve

  • Unleashing the inner genius and discovering new opportunities

  • Becoming calm in the face of what is happening outside, focus their goal and marching towards it...Hassle free!

  • Attracting and Banking massive opportunities againts all odds

  • ​Fixing profit leakages

  • ​Fixing operational challenges

  • Strategies to explode profitability

  • Strategies for generating higher cash flows fast

  • Creating new business models, revenue models and profit centres

  • Motivating teams and improving performance

  • Retaining top talent

  • Automating systems and processes

  • Cutting off the workload and having time for family and personal leisure

  • Living a good lifestyle and growing business more creatively and joyfully

  • Enhancing client satisfaction and building life-long customers

Like I said this is just a sampling.

You have your OWN vision, goals and dreams about income, impact, wealth, lifestyle, business positioning - and so the coaching program helps with a systematic, methodical, step-by-step plan to turn YOUR highest aspirations into a reality.

Here is what you will get inside the 12 months program:

1.Mindset and Personal Mastery Coaching

I will be working with you to unleash your inner business genius. You’ll start to see opportunities, ideas, resources, connections that you never thought existed otherwise. Working on the mindset is an equally important part of the entire coaching program. During this session, I will walk you through my proven mindset coaching process and give you the right tools to work with for 12 months.

2.Bi-weekly Business Acceleration Sessions: 

These sessions will iterate between:

HOW TO SESSIONS: where you will learn HOW to Fix, Reset and Accelerate every part of your business 


WORKING SESSIONS with extensive Q&A and all the support you need to bring into practice what you learned while: Monitoring your business Performance, Managing your stakeholders and Master Minding on complex challenges.
During the Bi-weekly Accelerator Sessions, I will be personally answering all your questions. 

Clear-Cut, Profound, Fastest, and Yet,

Most Sustainable Path to

Predictable Results

3.Access to the Transformation & Turnaround DNA Academy

Here is what you will learn on our Online Academy:

  • How to develop your mental faculties and unleash your inner (business) genius

  • Get the crux of a high-level Executive MBA in its most actionable form

  • ​What you must know about Transformation, Transition and Scale-up

  • ​How to amplify your Leadership skills and become a Resilient leader.

  • How to tap into the psychology for your team and motivate them

  • How to successfully lead massive changes during all-pervasive change and crisis

  • Talent management and development strategies of the most successful companies

  • How to apply Lean and Six Sigma and improve your operational performance to the roof.

    Armed with this insider information, you’ll have the knowledge, skills and confidence to keep achieving breakthroughs again and again and again

4. Buddy/ Accountability partner 

You will be allocated an Accountability partner from your cohort, to go through the program together. Another entrepreneur to Brainstorm with, Celebrate (little and big) wins with and Exchange (Mental) Support with.

5. Access to A Leadership Workbook, 12 months Strategy sheets, A Business Value Driver & Dashboard

This is where the rubber meets the road. You’ll have a detailed step-by-step blueprint, tools and methods to turn your strategy and outrageous goals into ground-level execution tactics - guiding you in every way to succeed with your mission-critical skills.

There is no guesswork, no confusion and no wasting time on untested ideas. You’ll know exact, precise, how-to-do-it instructions to make maximum profit, maximum impact, and maximum growth in minimum time.

6.Monthly Expert Interactive Sessions

You’ll get access to inner circle expert trainings and Q&A's discussing: the latest Trends, Advanced digitization AI/AR/VR, How to pitch to the Market, Digital Branding, Selling Online, Partnerships and Funding and more that will accelerate your business.

Live Q and A: You’ll get all the help and support personally from Madiha Mouchtak MBA. Ask all your questions about transition and scale-up strategies, profit centres, margin improvement, execution tactics, mindset or anything related to succeeding in your business. And walk away with vital, experienced-based solutions, you can implement immediately.

7. Exclusive Members-only community

Rub your shoulder with other business owners and experts, share your ideas, collaborate with business owners in different countries or continents, get feedback, help others, explore opportunities, tap into a new market, or engage in exciting business discussions.

8.Access to Publications, Podcasts, & Events

Stay up to date with cutting edge topics and guest posts from featured experts. Get ongoing training on a far-ranging variety of topics like Profit explosion, Becoming a great leader, Getting over limiting beliefs, Scaling, High performance, Goals, Freedom and more.

...A Unique Program

This is probably the most comprehensive, result-driven and affordable business transformation, transition and scale-up coaching program of its kind.

I have distilled and condensed over 24 years of my real world, proven experience, focused solely on rescuing businesses from losses to spectacular profits in a stunningly short time as evident by so many business owners, who have gone overboard in praising me and my techniques.

And right now, to support business owners sail against the worst economic storm - I want to REMOVE every reason for business owners not to act and miss out on taking advantage of my business exploding strategies.

So when other Business Consulting companies (with no real hands-on executive experience and client’s success evidence, as I have) charge a hefty fee of 14.000 euro/month for an Interim consultant plus 150 euro/hour for a mentor - you do not have to invest even a fraction of that and achieve far spectacular results.


Madiha Mouchtak

Here’s What Some Of My 

Clients Say

Madiha coached me at a time when I felt stuck and uninspired. I felt my growth had stagnated and I was seeking some purpose and meaning in my life.

We had about 5 sessions face to face and a few touchpoints by phone. Each coaching session took place in a different setting.

Madiha prepared and planned diligently the purpose of each session and asked me questions with a clear intent to meet me where I was, though she was always a step ahead, each time inching me higher.

Madiha gave me clear exercises and tasks to practice at home. Each exercise had a clear purpose and a goal attached to its achievement.

Madiha has a holistic approach, we worked on spiritual, mental, physical and emotional growth. Reaching both my conscious and subconscious, she helped me walk strongly in my beliefs and honour my fear and doubts so I could conquer them.

Shortly after our sessions, I found a great job, with a fantastic team. I loved the journey I went on and I have since found my voice and my truth and dedicated a lot of my time to it.

I am also coaching others and helping them see their worth. I’m paying forward to the gift Madiha gave me.

I would recommend Madiha to anyone who wants to re-ignite their inner passion and unleash their inner genie.

Rishita Jones MCIPD

Transformation & Change Consultant,


I cannot thank Madiha enough for having changed my life from night-to-day. After having suffered an emotional break-up from a business partnership.

I never thought I would ever rise again and take back control of my life again until I got connected to Madiha.

The combination of modalities that Madiha used to work with me has literally changed my personal and business life. Within days of starting, I started to become more positive towards life and business.

Sales began to increase and communication with customers began to be a lot better, enabling me to bond more with them. I began to network more (something that I lacked as my confidence level was at the lowest), and I even had people who I didn´t know about, calling me, wanting to buy my products. All this in a matter of days.

With regards to my physical and emotional side, the transformation was immediate. My confidence level shot up. I began to sleep better, and my mind is a lot sharper. I have managed to control my stress levels and emotions by using some of the techniques Madiha gave me. I never thought that within a couple of months, I could experience such a drastic change for the better.

I will recommend Madiha to anyone who is looking to improve their life, and I will most definitely continue to work with her, as a Business Coach, as I want to experience more successes for many more years to come.

S. Kanani

Serial Entrepreneur

Leadership Development & Business Coaching

Madiha Mouchtak MBA

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