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The Sustainable Turnaround - Fix, Reset And Accelerate Your Business in 12 Months.

The book reveals the exact strategies, mindset and tactical methodologies that Madiha used, in 24 years of her career, to rescue businesses from losses and stagnancy to multi-million dollar profits in a stunningly short time.


Score Card

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* Digital diagnosis referred to in book the sustainable Turnaround


EU-Small & Medium Enterprise Transition Magazine

Dedicated to EU-SME transition this ongoing series of "Multimedia interactive Magazine will cover different topics as

  • The why and how of the EU SME transition (Exit & Re-start, Transformation and Scale-up)
  • The Entrepreneur (Leadership, Resilience and Health)
  • International Trends and Developments
  • Innovation
  • Technology (AI and Advanced Digitization)
  • Managing the Going Concern
  • Financing Growth
  • Grants
  • Gifts/ Offers from Entrepreneurs to Entrepreneurs
  • Relevant Events for EU-SME Transition


Get new, vast-experienced based actionable insights on business transformation, 10X execution, strategic makeover, profitability, fixing mindset, wealth-creating, time freedom, resilience, momentum and so much more.

* You can find the: (1) The active Silva Ultra Mind meditation and (2) The Latifa (life purpose) meditation, referred to in the Book, in the podcast list - via button below.

Madiha Mouchtak